Summer Lovin’



Hello Beauty lovers. We hope you have had a relaxing start to the year. The sun is finally shining again here in Notting hill and along with long lazy days and beach getaways comes a need for summer skin care.

Sun proof your skin

The importance of a sunscreen in your daily routine cannot be overstated. Sun damage can dramatically age your skin and is not only responsible for wrinkles and pigmentation but can also lead to skin cancer. A good quality SPF will keep your skin from getting damaged from both UVA and UVB rays. We recommend that you purchase a face specific sun block which will be less likely to clog up your skin, as opposed to their body counterparts, with an SPF rating of between 15 and 30. Apply in the morning after moisturiser and reapply during the day as needed, especially if you are spending the day outdoors.

Change of season, Change your skin care

Although we recommend that you get a facial every month not all of us can make the time. This is why we suggest that at the very least you should book a facial when the seasons changes. The reason behind this is so your therapist can assess your current and future skin care needs. Weather and environment play a huge role on the skin which means that products and routines will need to be tweaked and changed along with the thermostat.

Stay Hydrated

The skin is always the last organism in the body to receive nutrients and hydration so if you are feeling thirsty you can bet that your skin is too! Dehydration leaves your skin looking dull and lifeless and causes fine dehydration lines which can lead to wrinkles. Remember to drink your 8 glasses of water a day. If you are still looking dull and wintery consider adding a hydrating serum to your routine to kick start your summer hydration. After all we all want plump, soft and glowing skin to enjoy the warm weather.

We hope this post helps you have an amazing start to your summer. Make it one to remember!

Nadia x

A Touch of Love this February…


Hello beauty lovers and Happy February. It has been such a busy period at the spa, can you believe how fast this year is flying by already? As we know February is the month of love and whether you are single or taken this Valentine`s Day it is the perfect time to take care of the most important person in your life: you! What better way to do it than with a full body massage. Far from just a relaxing ritual, massage has a whole range of benefits from enhancing immunity to lessening depression and anxiety.

Banish Winter Blues

This time of year can be stressful. It can seem that winter has lasted forever and summer is still nowhere in sight. Depression in winter months is more common than in summer which could be due to the lack of vitamin D, the feel good vitamin we receive from the sun, or the plain fact that being cold is just not so fun!

Studies have shown that the human touch can counteract feelings of anxiety and depression. As well as comforting us massage releases endorphins, our feel good hormone, leaving us feeling calm and happy.

Boost Your Health

Colds and flu tend to make the rounds in cold weather. When everyone around you is sneezing and wheezing massage can help you fight those flu causing bugs.

Massage has been proven to boosts our immunity and white blood count as well as drain toxins from the lymphatic system leaving our bodies more able to fight nasty colds and viruses.

Mend your muscles

We all know how a sore back can put us in a bad mood. Too often we find ourselves bent over a desk or keyboard for long hours. If not properly managed this can play havoc on the muscles in our back and legs.

Massage brings blood flow to the muscles. This helps to mend muscle fibres as well as release toxins leaving our muscles relaxed and loose. Massage also helps to stretch out muscles in the legs and back that may be tight due bad posture. This helps to promote happy, healthy muscles that won’t let you down.

So spoil yourself this Valentine`s Day with a full body massage! The perfect treat for the body, mind and soul.

Until next time.

Nadia x

Skin SOS


Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a lovely break and that you have started the year on a fresh and fantastic note. Now that Christmas is over and we have a whole new year to look forward to it the perfect time to focus on attaining perfect, glowing skin. To do this we need to know if and when our skin is sending an SOS so we can treat it as soon as possible before it has any lasting effects.  So today we are going to be talking about skin in crisis – from the signs of skin irritation to treatment as well as identifying the cause.

Signs you skin may be unhappy

Irritated skin differs from Sensitive skin in that sensitive skin is a skin condition whereas irritated skin is caused by external factors such as skin products or even food and supplements.

Irritated skin can be itchy, scaly and temperature sensitive. It can also become puffy and even come out in hives. Irritated skin is likely to be prone to breakouts and have a dull, sometimes rough, texture.

Searching for the cause

Finding out what is causing your irritated skin can be tricky. Sometimes the culprit is easy to spot as your skin will immediately react to a product or food type letting you know what to stop doing but sometimes your skin can develop a reaction to a product you have been using for years.

The best way to discover what is causing your irritation is to strip down to the basics. Cleanse skin with a gentle milk cleanser and moisturise with a product with barrier repairing effect. After a few days the irritation should subside and you can start adding your other products one by one. You should then be able to pin point which product is causing the problem. If this doesn’t work consult your dermatologist or skin care consultant.

Treating the symptoms

While the best way to treat irritated skin is to identify what the cause is and avoid it there are a few things you can do to ease the irritation. We recommend Dermalogica Barrier Repair (RRP £35.60) moisturiser to help protect the skin and Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum Concentrate (RRP £51.30) to sooth and protect.

Until next week,



Make the most of your at home routine!



This will be our last blog post of 2013! How this year has flown by. As we will be closing between Christmas and New Years and we know most of you beautiful people will be relaxing at home we decided to write about how to get the most out of your at home skin routine.

If we open our bathroom cupboards we are likely to find scores of products purchased with the best of intentions only to find that we do not have space, time or the knowledge to fit it into our routines. While regular facials are an important step to achieve healthy, glowing skin the products that we use at home have the most impact on our skin. This is why it is crucial to know exactly how to use our products in order to get the best results.


Pre-cleansers may seem unimportant however they play a vital role in our skin care routines. Pre-cleansers will remove make-up as well as oil from the skin leaving it ready for your cleanser to get to work.

Apply pre-cleanse straight onto your skin using your hands (or with cotton pads over the eyes) and wipe away with damp facial sponges.


A good cleanser will remove the rest of the residue build-up on your face as well as clear up sebum and normalise the skin. Most importantly a good cleanser will break down the inter-cellular layer that will allow deeper penetration of the products you apply later.

Apply by hand to damp skin and rinse with water and facial sponges. For best results don’t forget to double cleanse.


Toning will shrink pores as well as restore the ph. of the skin after cleansing which will protect the skin. They are an important product for sufferers of acne or oily skin.

Apply with cotton pads or spray over entire face avoiding the eyes and mouth.

Eye Cream/Gel

Eye cream and eye gel should be used for both pre and anti-aging. Eye cream is more suited for mature, dry skin whereas eye gel works well for bags under the eyes and dark circle reduction.

As the skin around the eyes is very delicate we suggest that you apply your eye product using your pinkie finger. Dot the eye product just above the cheek bone and work in circular movements around the eye.


Moisturisers provide the protection and hydration for our skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and protected.

For best results give yourself a mini facial massage every night. This will help to drain the toxins out of your skin leaving it with glowing and healthy.

Follow the sequence below to get the most out of your home routine.


We hope you have enjoyed our blog so far this year and we are looking forward to a new year filled with exciting beauty products and techniques that we can share with you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! See you in 2014.

Nadia x

Christmas Gift Guide

With less than a month until Christmas I can safely assume you have all been shopping up a storm. No doubt we all love a good shopping trip, but it can be very difficult to find the perfect gift for all the special people in our lives. Luckily now you can refer to our new gift guide making it easy to find your special someone a special something!

Spoil your Mom

Treat your mom to a specialised Dermalogica Facial. This facial is tailor made to cater to her specific skin care needs. She will come out feeling relaxed and revived, leaving the festive stress a distant memory. (Dermalogica Facial £65)

Dermalogica Our Favorites Gift Set (RRP £30)

Dermalogica Our Favorites Gift Set (RRP £30)

Don’t forget to start off her New Year skin regime with a festive “Our Favorites” Dermalogica Christmas Box which includes 5 of the most popular products to reveal her healthiest, best-looking skin.

Deals for Dad

Let your Dad know you care by booking him a full body massage. Guaranteed to de-stress and provide him with some much needed me time. Even the manliest of Men will love it! (Full Body Deep Tissue Massage £75)

Cabin_picture_5_BDGive the gift that keeps on giving and get him a 6 session course, making sure the festive feeling lasts long after the Turkey has been eaten.


Spoil your sister with Jane Iredale skincare Make-up. Not only is there a fabulous range of products that will make any girl drool, the products promote healthy skin by using only the highest quality mineral ingredients.(Prices Starting at £13)

JIperspexdisplay front view lids on 72dpi

A Find for Friends

Get your Bestie a delicious Sothy’s Body Scrub and Hydrating Body Mist to combat the Winter Blues. These delectable gifts use botanical extracts to create a full body escape while treating and protecting skin against the harsh winter weather. Not to mention they look beautiful on the shelf!


Sothys Hydrating Body Elixer (RRP £42)

Sothys Hydrating Body Elixer (RRP £42)

Meant for your Man

Benefit you and your man by stopping the stubble this Christmas with the Dermalogica Shave Kit.  This festive box contained everything he will need for the closest shave without damaging his skin.

Dermalogica Shave Kit (RRP £42.50)

Dermalogica Shave Kit (RRP £42.50)

Just for you

After all that shopping  don’t forget to treat yourself to a Sothy’s Oriental Ceremony Body treatment. This indulgent treatment consist of a cinnamon and ginger full body scrub followed by a relaxing full body massage using hot stones. This indulgent treat will  leave you feeling like a new person ready to take on the New Year!



If you would like to purchase any gift vouchers or products from us go to or call 02072431718 for more details.

Enjoy your shopping!

Nadia x

Secret to a Perfect Smokey Eye

JIperspexdisplay front view lids on 72dpi

The Christmas lights have gone up on Oxford Street which means it is officially the festive season. We all know what that means, drinks after work with friends in cozy pubs and decadent dinners around the family fireplace, not to mention work parties and Christmas functions. It is a very busy time of year! So in light of all the celebrations I have decided to share my favorite make-up look with you as well as easy steps to achieving it at home.

The Classic Smokey Eye

This classic never goes out of style. Like most of you I have spent hours perfecting this look and with these easy tips you too can have the perfect smokey eye. At Espace Prive we use the Jane Iredale range of make-up, not only does it have great coverage but is a skin care brand which promotes good health of the skin. All the products we used are available through ourselves and all other Jane Iredale stockists.

1. Start by using a primer around the eye area, this will ensure your eye make-up will not crease and get the full pigment of the colour (lid primer “lemon” RRP £16)

photo 2 (2)

2. Using our trio palate (“Brown Sugar” RRP £26.50) sweep the light pink over the whole lid and slightly above the crease. We can then apply the light brown shadow mid-way along the lid. Then take the darkest hue and your crease brush and apply to upper crease and above the lash line, create a sideways `V` in the outer corner of the eye taking care to blend well.

photo 43. To finish the look, line upper and lower lash line in dark brown, or for a more dramatic look black (we used “Basic Black” eye liner RRP £11 and “Jet Black” purelash lengthening mascara RRP £15)

photo 1 (2)


photo 3


Finish the look with by applying your normal foundation, blusher/bronzers and you have a look ready to celebrate.

Tag us in a pic of your perfect smokey eye on Facebook (Espace Prive) or twitter (@Espace_Prive). We would love to see it!

Stay Beautiful.

Nadia x


Do you have 77 hours to spare on skin care?


We all live very busy lives. Trying to fit work, parenting, socialising, cooking and relaxing into a week can be very tricky, sometimes even impossible! This leaves very little time for looking after ourselves. This is where the question comes in, do you have 77 hours to spare on skin care? I know that I don’t and I can vouch that most of you don’t either. That is why we are so excited at Espace Prive to introduce our new Environ Ionzyme machine.

Cutting Edge Tech to Cut away Time

The Ionzyme machine is the first of its kind to combine Sonophoresis, which is a low frequency sound wave similar to ultra sound, and Iontophoresis, which are charged electrical pulses. This unique combination drives the product 4400% further into the skin than topical application. This means that half an hour with the machine is the equivalent of spending 77 hours applying products to your skin without a break!

The machine pushes products past the epidermis into the dermis where no topically applied product can get to. The dermis is where our cells are made and where collagen and elastin are formed. This allows the product to work on the living layers of the tissue and ensure the health of the new cells being created.

The results speak for themselves but of course with any treatment the important part is what you are putting into your skin. This is where Vitamin A shines.

A is for Amazing

Vitamin A has been used to treat skin conditions for years but has not yet got the credit it deserves.  This skin normalising vitamin is the only chemical that can change and repair the DNA of a cell. Vitamin A is not a ‘want’ in the skin but a need. It protects and repairs aging cells, plumps out lines and wrinkles, aids in hydration, repairs pigmentation and protects against skin cancer.

This may sound like a miracle treatment and the truth is that it is. Vitamin A is found naturally in our skin but due to lifestyle, diet and age related factors it depletes over time. However we need this to maintain healthy, perfect skin.

Ideal for You

We have a large range of treatments available to treat your specific skin concerns and we will be talking about the effects of vitamins on the skin in the next few weeks so keep an eye out on the blog. If you would like to book a treatment you can call Espace Prive on 02072431718 or visit our website on

Have a great week and remember to take some time out for yourself.

Nadia x



Glow Time!

cons.Dare to Bare – Part 3

If you have been following our blog you will know that we have made it to week 3 in our quest for perfect skin. Being pregnant I have had to be extra careful about what I put into my body and it has made me hyper aware of the effect food and products has on my body. The saying goes you get out what you put in (and in this case put on too) when it comes to skin care this couldn’t apply more.

Diet Dilemmas

We already know that the correct diet is important for our overall well-being. However a low fat diet that is good for the waist line can have negative effects on the skin. On the other side of the coin junk food may fit conveniently into our busy schedules but it can man chaos.

To be able to achieve flawless skin we need the right balance of essential fats and minerals. The best way to be sure you are getting the necessities is to add a diet supplement into your routine. There are different things to look out for depending on your skin condition but the following is a handy guide to keep you glowing from within:

Omega Oils – Deeply hydrate the skin from the inside and support skin integrity and health.

Vitamin A – Normalises skin conditions and promotes anti-aging facilities in the skin

Vitamin C – Key antioxidant which supports and protects collagen in the skin

Make-up Magic

We all love make-up! I have spent many hours of my life perfecting the smoky eye and trying not to poke my eye out with my eye pencil. The problem, however, arises when we use make-up that has been formulated only for coverage and not for skin well-being. It becomes extra trouble when we suffer from complications such as acne, where the products can actually spread and worsen these conditions. Many make-up brands out there today do not think about skin care when developing their products, the result is make-up that doesn’t allow the skin to breath and leads to clogged pores and breakouts.

There are a few things to look for in a make-up brand that will benefit your skin:

Quality Ingredients – in this case you get what you pay for. Look for products that pay attention to using vitamins and antioxidants in their formulas.

Non-Comodogenic – A non-comodogenic foundation will allow your skin to breathe and function normally.

Sun Protection – Look for the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval, this will aid in the prevention of sun damage to the skin

At Espace Prive we recommend the Jane Iredale Mineral make up range. They have a great range of colours and provide cover that will last all day. Their range of multi-tasking products provides foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care ingredients.

I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from our 3 weeks to perfect skin! Now go out there and dare to bare! If you have any questions please leave them in a comment below.

Have a great week.

Nadia x

Salon Secrets…


Dare to Bare – Part 2

Returning to our quest for amazing skin we are looking at the three essential steps we need to take to get the beautiful, clear skin we dare to bare. Facials are an essential part of our skin care routine. A trained skincare therapist will be able to diagnose and treat skin problems that we may not even know about as well as recommend the correct products to assist us in our quest for perfect skin.

For best results facials should be done on a monthly basis. This is because, as a living organism, it takes around 28 days for your skin cells to move up from the dermis to the surface where they die off. If you have ever wondered what to look for in a professional facial then look no further, below is a guideline of how a good facial should run.

Salon Secrets

Our facial starts with a double cleanse to remove all make-up, dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. Steam is then be used to prepare the pores for extractions as well as aid in skin hydration. This time may also be used to exfoliate. The exfoliation will be either manual (micro particles that physically scrub away dead skin cells) or chemical (milk or fruit acids are used to peel away dead cells). This will prepare the skin for absorption of products.

We then use a magnifying lamp to look at the skin in detail to note your skin type as well as any problematic areas such as congestion, premature aging dryness or dehydration. We may use this time to discuss your current facial routine as well as advise you on your skin condition.  We will then perform extractions. Extractions should take about 10 minutes and can be painful. Remember that sometimes you may not have all your extractions done in one session as it can be traumatic to the skin. After applying a post extraction solution to close the pores and disinfest the area we will move on to a facial massage.

The specific movements used in a facial massage are designed to bring oxygen rich blood to the surface of your skin where it will aid in feeding the tissue. This will promote collagen development and flush out toxins, as well as help to heal the skin post extraction. Massage also eases tension in the muscles of the face which softens and plumps out expression lines.

We then apply specialised masks depending on the skin condition being treated. You may have more than one mask applied as it is not uncommon to have multiple problems in different regions on the face. Typically a hand massage is done during this time.

To finish off we will remove the mask and do a final cleanse of the skin. We will then apply specialised serums in accordance to your concerns, an eye cream and lastly a specialised moisturiser that will benefit your skin. After the facial we will have a quick consultation on how your skin is doing and what products or routines we can change to keep on getting better results going forward.

Now that you know what to look for in a great facial go out and try one! Our bet is that you will love how your skin glows.

In part 3 we will be talking about diet and make-up.

Until then, stay beautiful

Nadia x

3 Weeks to amazing skin!

Nadia pic1


Here we go… I’m gonna be brave and post me with no make up:) Can you dare to bare?

Dare to Bare

Imagine being able to walk out the door without having to layer on primer, concealer, foundation and brighteners and bronzers, just a dab of lipstick and mascara and out the door. It is my dream and I am certain allot of you will agree. Perfect skin is achievable but unless you have been blessed with the genetics of Blake Lively, whose skin never ceases to look soft, touchable and spot free, it requires some attention and clever tricks. A great skin care routine has 3 very important sections which we will be looking at over the next three weeks.

Home Care

Although monthly facials are essential to a great routine the most vital part of a skin care regiment is our at home products. Our therapists see us once a month and have an hour to treat our skin but we have to tend to our skin every day.

The secret to perfect skin starts with exfoliation which is the manual or chemical removal of the outermost layer of dead skin. If we don’t exfoliate all the money we spend on serums and moisturisers will result in nothing as it will not be able to penetrate the skin and instead be soaked up by the dead cells. Ideally we should exfoliate 3 times a week depending on our skin type and condition.

Next we need to tone, although some think that this is not an important step, what a good toner will do it normalise the pH level of our skin which will have been altered by the water. Especially necessary in the UK as the water hard and will leave a drying residue on our skin.

The next step is serums or boosters. This is where we can really customise our routine from person to person. Whether our concern is dehydration, anti-aging or spot control a specialised serum will penetrate much deeper than a moisturiser can and work on the specific problem. This is also the time where we need to use a Great SPF, we all know how damaging sun exposure is to our skin but more importantly it will minimise our risk of skin cancer.

Next up is moisturisers. The importance of a good moisturiser cannot be overstated. So many of us are using the incorrect one and it can be terribly difficult with all the choice out there to find correct cream for us. We find that allot of people tend to misdiagnose their skin conditions and their creams can actually exasperate the problem. This is why it is important to get regular facials where a professional therapist can recommend and adapt our skin care regiment to our needs.

Although this may at first seem a little over-whelming getting into a routine is easier than it sounds and will get us one step closer to perfect dare to bare skin!

In part 2 we will look at what you should be getting in a great salon facial.

See you then,